Hype 3.6 Exporting animated PNG

Hi there.
Great update, thanks.
Is there any way to define the exported animated png as having a transparent background?

You can do this by checking ‘Make Background Transparent’ in the document inspector.


I am having the same issue as combatking Ashley. “Error creating Animated PNG”, any thoughts?

Many thanks.

I have the same problem. How to solve it?

Make sure that you are on the latest release, v3.6.3. If that does not solve the problem (we still are getting a few reports we are tracking down), please send a system profile to support@tumult.com

  1. Go to the Apple Menu, choose “About This Mac”
  2. Click the System Report… button and the System Information app will launch
  3. Make sure it is showing the Full information - If the File menu shows “Show More Information” choose that, otherwise you’re good
  4. Choose ‘File > Save’ to save it somewhere (like your desktop), and then attach this file to the email