Hype 3.5 Video Export to Movie

I’ve just upgraded to 3.5 and created a simple animation (my first!). It’s nothing complex. Two images and two text elements which become opaque over a 4s period.

When I choose export to video and set the output from a default time of 5mins to 4s the export works BUT, when I play it back in Quicktime nothing happens (i.e. no animation).

I’ve checked the documentation and can’t see what I did wrong.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Does the animation occur when you preview your document in a browser? That’s odd - can you share your document?

(Or PM your document privately to me and I’ll check it out – Click ‘private message’ here).

No the animation doesn’t appear in the Browser but does in Hype. The private message link doesn’t seem to take me anywhere. Am I being stupid?

Just to clarify. When you preview the project in a browser either using the preview button or from an exported project. Does the animations start after 4 seconds or do you have to interact with it to start the animations.

If any of the above then you should not expect the exported video to show the animations.

Or should/does the Animations start on page load within 4 seconds and without any user interaction to start them.

If the latter then you should expect the exported video to show the animations.

Exporting Video does not start animations that require an action, if you do not have actions that start onload then you will need to add them temporarily.

Hope that make sense.

If you click on my head and then click ‘message’ this is the same thing.

If you try to preview, are animations played?

If the video export is defaulting to 5 minutes that means that Hype was unable to detect how long the animation’s duration would be. There’s many (and rightly correct) causes on why this might be the cases, but the most common is that you do not have any animations on the Main Timeline and no other way to kick off animations.