Hype 3.5 - Strange touch button response


After upgrading to 3.5, I experience issues on button touch event in mobiles.

  1. When Use touch event checked: when pressed, the button does not show any changes during touch (but executes the actions)

  2. When Use touch event unchecked; when pressed, the button show response and execute the action, but stays on “Hover” state. It doesn’t return to Normal. This condition happens when I assign the button to Go To URL … For other assignments, it reacts normally.

Anyone experience the same?


This might be a side effect of an adjustment we made to overcome a touch action issue in iOS9 – I can reproduce this issue and we’re looking into it. Thanks for reporting!

(Anthony Bottini) #3

Yeah, we’re getting some strange behaviors just like this as well. Right now, we get hover and click states to work fine in a browser, but then it doesn’t work on an iPad. Any workaround or solution to this yet?


There’s a fix coming for this in the next update, but if you could share an example that would be great.