Hype 3.5 now available

Just bought my copy including upgrade! Great job Tumult, it’s really impressive how you have outclassed Adobe on this. Please please keep the updates coming. Thanks!



It is the best answer for the upcoming Adobe ANIMATE

This will be up soon -- hold your horses!


Hello, before I’m going to download I would like to ask what is the status with the symbols. Can we finally resize/scale symbols or not? Thanks

Yes. http://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#scaling

I just updated Hype. I can’t wait to try out the new features especially waypoints, alpha colors, backdrop filters and the new flexible layout modes. Many thanks Tumult team!!


Scale transformations came along within one hour of when I really needed them!

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The scaling options alone make this upgrade a gamechanger for me. It works now the way I want it and all the other new features are totally cool. Only scratched the surface for now, but needless to say that Hype 3.5 is awesome.
i read there is also a Hype Reflect version 2. That has not been released yet I believe?

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We released the Hype Reflect update a while ago, but hid the responsive design feature until 3.5 was available. The new feature is at the bottom of this page: http://tumult.com/hype/reflect/, which we call Responsive Preview Mode.

It was hidden in Hype Reflect before Safari’s Responsive Design mode hit Safari 9. I feel like they work very well together. Give it a go and let us know what you think!

I see now Daniël. That’s a great addition for Reflect. Works very nice!


This is a great release! I really appreciate all the workflow enhancements. Makes working in Hype more natural and enjoyable. The new scaling features are wonderful. I’m so glad you didn’t just limit it to symbols, but made it work with groups, text and layouts. Very nicely done. We can finally achieve are animation ambitions without so many workarounds.

I also really appreciate the Getter/Setter methods in the API, opens up many new opportunities that were just frustrating before. All and all, a really terrific update.

thanks so much!

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I posted a lengthy review on iTunes.

I was surprised that the download was so tiny. It's such a powerful program, but it's so small.

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Thanks! I spent a lot of time making sure that the text would scale sharply in as many cases as possible.

Wow, thanks for that!

If you took out Apple requiring 1024x1024 icons it would be a fair bit smaller yet!


How do I update to hype 3.5?

  1. I have Hype 3 PRO

  2. The App Store says Hype is not installed

  3. The App Store has no updates for Hype 3.5

  4. The Tumult Hype Store my only options are to buy Hype 3.5 PRO to get my upgrade.

Could someone please help with a simple step by step on how to update to from Hype 3 PRO to Hype 3.5 PRO?

Thank you very much!



Also, if it is possible to update from the Hype menu please let me know level by level.
Because on the Tumult Hype website it says, “if you’ve purchased from our store, you may check for updates by clicking on the Hype menu, then choosing Check for Updates.”

But unfortunately, this description it too basic and it doesn’t help.
Here is what my Hype menu options looks like

What happens if you hit install.

When I click install, the app store goes through the motions of a normal install, show the install animation bar with progress, but it does not really install anything of function in anyway.

Then when I leave the Hype page in the app store and return, the install option is still there.

Did you move your app out of the Applications folder?

I dont think so. its currently in the applications folder.

I got it!

I think it was clicking the install from the app store like you 1st suggested.

I know the app store wasnt really responding with anything visually in app, but I just saw that it had actuall downloaded anything Hype Install file, and now its 3.5!

Thank you very much for your time and your reply! Especially on a Saturday afternoon!

Bless and much love!