Hype 3.5.3 to hype 3.5.0

I’m a new user to hype and am currently working on a class project using hype. Our University is behind on updating to the latest version (3.5.3) and are stuck on 3.5.0 and my professor is unable to open my 3.5.3 project on the University’s 3.5.0 version of the program.

So how do I make it possible for my project to be opened on a older version of hype?

HI @Ksean

A couple options. Quickest (possibly) is to get the University to update to 3.5.3

The updates are for minor issues so nothing major would change. I would suggest this to them as it’s always good to update and it shouldn’t take long as you can normally update in app and the downloads are small.

I appreciate that in real life that this may not be that straight forward so you could perhaps email the team at tumult and get a 3.5.0 copy (if it’s possible) I will mention @Daniel and @jonathan so they can see a notification of this post

Thanks! @DBear

Being on the latest version of Hype is the best and I’d encourage the school to upgrade. But if that isn’t possible feel free to email support@tumult.com and in this case we should be able to do a one-off downgrade of the document.