Hype 3.5.2 update

I can tell already, the scratch issue and crash problems seem to be gone.


Glad to hear - so far we’ve gotten no reports of the Hype Scratch issue or a widespread crash that had a fix for this release, so hopefully case closed on both. Let us know if you encounter any other issues!

FYI; still no occurrences of either issue after probably 20-30 hours of work, prior to the update, the scratch issue came up several times a day.


Awesome - no other user reports either! I think I can call it case closed!

I can’t update to 3.5.2. My app store does not ask me for update, Is it because i’m from canada? I’m trying to open a document that is in 3.5.2 for someone but I can’t because i’m on 3.5.1 pro

Thank you

No issues with being from Canada ;). We’ve received a few reports of other folks having issues with updating from the Mac App Store, and usually restarting their computer and checking again has worked. Can you give that a try and see if it helps? If not, you can delete your copy of Hype and reinstall from the Purchased tab and you should get 3.5.2.

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It worked :stuck_out_tongue: thank you Jonathan

Darn OS X bugs getting between people and the latest Hype! :slight_smile:.