HUPS - a toy game

Hi again everyone

I made this toy-game few months ago without publishing and I don't know why, I think I was just experimenting with physics.

And I'm also trying an ads code that I don't know how to handle, is so intrusive.

But you can try the toy here.




Ha, that game had a bit of a coordination learning curve but I eventually got the hang of it :slight_smile:. Pretty fun!

(also: I think you may want to make it clear it is for touch devices; trying to use the mouse was nigh impossible!)

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Hmm, I had no problem with the mouse.
Be nice if it showed the end score after game over.

Tested if you could force the ball out of bounds. It responds well in most cases and brings itself back.
But you can do it, for instance moving fast in the bottom corners and forcing the ball through.
I did that on first try quit easily.

What I did also do while testing that was accidentally throw the bat outside, which did not come back.
Easily repeatable when moving fast a and letting go, which you do naturally.

Figuring out how to get a high score was not hard..

Finger got tired and I thought 30K+ was enough..

I would look at a way to reset the ball slightly offset of the bat position when a score is made.