Hubspot integration?

Hi has anyone gone about bringing Hype into a Hubspot page? I really am hoping this is doable but I am not exactly sure where or how to go about it.

Thanks for any pointers, if you know if it's even possible to do.


Looks definitely possible: This page has information on embedding HTML content in Hubspot:

You would first need to get your Hype document on the web. Next, you can embed it using the full URL of the Hype document's generated JS file. (Here's more info on that: Video tutorial: Uploading your Tumult Hype document to a Web Server and Embedding Within Another HTML Page )

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Thanks Daniel! I'll dig in, I figured it should be possible. I'll need to do some trial and error.

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Daniel, Just following up and for anyone else wondering if Hype can be used with Hubspot. I have managed to do it, and just followed along with the info above. Works great! Thanks so much for making Hype so awesome.



Thanks for following up, Jim -- glad it's working well for you.

Sorry- I meant to reply…
I may be asking for a bit too much, I put it in a mega menu, but the container seems to be triggering the menu hover. Not sure if there’s something I need to do to stop that from happening or not?
It’s the about us menu…

This seems like a Hubspot issue, where the mega menu is triggering a mouse hover action when it shouldn't.

Ok thanks for look Daniel, sometimes I’m always surprised when you guys mention something like oh turn off touch events etc. that have helped me in the past LOL was hoping it was something like that.