HTML5 with mp4 and BrightSign

If I export as a HTML5 file with a mp4 file, the film is playing in a browser. But it doesn’t play on a BrightSign player. What I am doing wrong?
Thanks a lot for your tipps!

Well firstly you are making the assumption people will know what you are talking about.
It helps if you supply some information regarding what BrightSign is and also what you are doing to incorporate a Hype project.

I have never heard of BrightSign before but they do have a HTML dev support page which if you have not looked at yet you should.

If the answer is not there then can you please give us some more info on you setup ,what you have tried (code wise) and also an example project that you have made that exhibits the 'doesn't play'

I suspect not many of us will be able to test.. but may have some insights that may help.

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Sorry, my english is not very well and I am not a programmer. So the HTML support site of brightsign is to complicated for me…
But here is my project…

Didn’t see an attachment – can you try again?

Hi Daniel

I am trying, but there is an error when I wanna upload…

I am trying to upload a zip file from the hype project (94MB), but it doesn’t work…

Wow too big… the limit is 3MB

Upload it to dropbox and post a link or just give use a small example.

Oh! Sorry! Here a smaller one…

Fisch mit (2.0 MB)

does this work…

Fisch mit (2.0 MB)

update. added the opacity…

GREAT!!! It works!!! You save my day! Thanks a lot!
How did you this?

I cant find the options of the film (loop, no transport icon). But I think I will find this soon.

Thank you very much for this great help!

Instead of dropping the video onto the scene, I added a Rectangle and put video HTML5 code inside its innerHTML

You need to read about HTML5 Video, just do a google. and Also search this site for more…

I don’t really understand de context. You advised to embebed video always, instead of dropping the file?

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Thank you Bendora.

What benefits We get by embedding? mp4 usually Work nice just by dropping.