HTML5 ad banners (for DoubleClick)


After using Adobe Edge Animate for a couple of months, and experiencing too much fuzz when creating HTML ad banners for Google Doubleclick, I’m looking for another software solution. (Also the news
that development was discontinued off course).

I decided (for the time being) to use Google Web Designer, as it provides templates that are tailor made for publishing on the DoubleClick ad servers (click tags etc). Because I find the GUI and options in GWD pretty awful, I was hoping that Adobe Animate CC would provide (template) solutions for graphic designers to produce banners without coding. So far I’m very disappointed with Animate CC, as it still looks like everything resolves around Flash. It’s a shame that it doesn’t offer the functionality of Edge, combined with tools geared towards adserver requirements. A missed opportunity Adobe!

So, I just learned about Tumult and I’m very positive already looking at it briefly. Does anybody here use Tumult to publish for DoubleClick? What are your experiences?