HTML Widget Wont Resize Properly on Mobile Device

Hello everyone,
I am having a small problem with resizing an HTML widget mainly on Mobile devices. When I load the website on my mobile device the contents of the widget are extremely big, to where I am only seeing about a quarter of what is supposed to be displayed. On my web browser on my computer it works fine. I have attached my Hype file along with the assets file that needs to be placed inside the index… file after export. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Troy (2.2 MB)

Everything looks fine on my iPod and iPad. All graphics and widgets look proportional and have scaled correctly.

That is weird, because anytime time I pull up my website right from the web ( on my iPad or iPhone the slideshow widget only displays maybe the top right ¼ of the image. If I view it on my computer it works fine. My guess is I am missing something that should be resizing the widget contents on a mobile device.