HTML Widget (Local html folder)


I have a html file made in Edge Animate and I want to use it in a HTML Widget inside Hype. I see others topics talking about it but don’t work for me or I did something wrong.

Here the html file with your resources: (1.0 MB)

Thank you!

It would helps if you actually explained what method you were trying or added the project with the widget.

But lets assume you are using the HTML Widget with •specified URL

The common problem is not hit the enter button after typing out the URL or move focus to another part of the UI.

This is a slight design fault in that the url entered is not registered until the textfield loses focus.

If you leave it in focus as shown here with the blue highlight around the textfield then it will not work

You need to press the enter key or making sure focus has gone elsewhere.

Which will look like this.

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Doing what you say with a help of this topic Local file in html Widget finally worked!

Thank you.