Html widget for .com sites

Has something changed with loading web sites into

HTML Widgets?

I have tried iFrames and just the URL and it seems like .com web sites won’t load.

I am basically trying to load or as an example.

Maybe it’s a setting on my Mac?

This used to be super easy…

Thoughts, anyone?

Some sites will not allow you to show their website in a HTML Widget (aka iframe). If you enter as the URL it should work.


Is there a way to launch a website from a link inside the HTML widget to a new browser tab? Current browser tab?

From an HTML perspective, your <a> tag should have a target attribute. See:

Hype’s Open URL action only supports opening in a new window/tab or not.

I’m triggering the redirect from server side php so web address is hidden:

$url_to_redirect = "";

How would I modify this to break free of Hypes HTML window and load the redirect page over the page currently open?

Can you clarify.

There are ways to open links in an iframe in the parent (a simple google will find you answers)
But it is not really clear to me what your setup is … can you post some example of your hype project and iframe html…

Here is the HTML page that calls a server side php to check for the correct answer. When the word “crux” is entered, loads.

Here is the exact same HTML code in an HTML widget in a Hype project.

The redirect in the Hype project doesn’t work. Also, the popup for an incorrect answer is different.

How can I make the redirect act the same within the Hype project HTML widget?

Thank you for your quick responses!

would help getting the actual hype example project and the widget html…

but try ', "_blank");' in the widget html

Thanks that worked! The code opened a popup. I just had to click “don’t block popups” and it opened the redirect in a new tab.

Last question: is there a code to open the new website in the currently open tab?

There is but have a look here first as this is just standard JS…