HTML Widget and iframe




is it possible to remove the iframe if I use an HTML widget? If I use a normal rectangle and edit with html, it sadly removes the closing brackets (i.e. some text will be rendert as some text)



Hi Tim,

What are you trying to do exactly?

Do you need to use a rectangle? Why are you not using a HTML widget? What do you need to achieve?

There may be a few solutions. Let us know and we can try and help!



Thanks for your feedback!
If I use a HTML widget, I can’t use javascript properly, because HTML widgets will be render within an iframe. That’s why I used an rectangle. But the problem then is, that I can’t use proper HTML.


I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do.

You can use HTML within the rectangle’s innerHTML or you can assign the rectangle an id or class and manipulate it that way. What are you trying to achieve?


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I am pretty sure I have found that HTML widget need a different approach to how you access it’s HTML.
The widget is afaik a html page all by itself already. Coupled with that and trying to get to an iframe within can be tricky.

Hence I use rectangles which in some cases is more straight forward.

But don’t quote me as I would have to beat my head against a wall to properly find and show the differences… :smile:


please do give us more details as Freelancer suggest…


I was talking about just HTML (not a HTML widget) inside the rectangle :wink:


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I was referring to “Why are you not using a HTML widget?

And " If I use a HTML widget, I can’t use javascript properly"



Ahh I see you were replying to the earlier message my bad :smile:

Also I need to be clear. Those were just questions to elicit more information not suggestions of what to do :slight_smile:


Yes, currently I use rectangle to render a html input field. But sadly i can’t use closed tags. For example I do

<input type="text" id="someid">this is my text</input>

it get to

<input type="text" id="someid">this is my text

Because of that behavior I thought rectangles can not be used with proper HTML. But probably this is just a bug?


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Input tag does not have a closing tag


 <input type="text" id="someid"><span> this is my text</span>


There is no closed tag for input tag! So it’s stripping the code for you.

Try something that does have a closed tag and see if that works :wink:

And also try a tag that you know is supposed to have a close tag but you forgot to include it and the innerHTML will try to autocomplete it for you :slight_smile:



yes, sorry. Works perfectly with

<input type="text" id=".." value"this is my text">


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It was the value you wanted to set. I nearly suggested that but then thought you just wanted some sort of label. :smile: