Html export issue

I have created this test, where on the beginning you have to colour the canvas, and then later it moves forward, the issue is that it is compatible in firefox and it runs on iOS after exporting into app, but on Google Chrome and Android it is not working.

Would be very happy if somebody could help me, or let me know what is the issue.

The quickest way would be to remove the “colouring phase/task” and straight move to the moment where there is shown arrow to conitnue, but i dont have Hype original file, i lost it.

Here is HTML with index and resources:!FoFlxYwL!yC9ZZk7p_Syjy3A6rE7sWc04ULVgJV_9aasGcRlHBUk

Thank You !

Here’s your Hype document:

Can you point out what in the document what’s not working?

When I open this in Chrome is appears to work for me (but only after re-exporting from the recovered Hype document, not launching the .html file in your original attachment). I am seeing a number of console errors in the developer console in Chrome relating to CSS & Audio:

I recovered the document using Help > Restore document form export and then selecting the resources folder.

that is what i get if i export the file again into html from hype, preview from hype is working fine.
Here is the result:

maybe it have to do with it some policy… what is that?

It isn’t exactly clear in the document what is the root cause, but the issue is that you are opening the .html file directly which uses a file:/// URL. This has some different security capabilities, and is the cause of it not working. If you run via Hype’s preview server, or in a real web server, it appears to work correctly for me. This is generally expected.