HTML Edits in Hype Title Not Working

It’s done! After over a week of working on my new site, I think it’s done. I’d love you code masters to take a look and see if you see any issues before I go live with it.

I’m still having issues with editing my html code within Hype. If you remember when I first launched none of my menus worked because of the http vs https which I had to fix in html.

So the only way I have been successful in getting this done is by using my Xcode software. For future work on this page, is there anyway to fix this so I don’t have to keep doing this everytime? I’m guessing this template was made pre https.

Thanks in advance for looking at the site and let me know if you see any issues that I may have missed.

Just noticed something else, that is strange. Under the document tab where you put in your page title, that is also not showing up in the html file. I had to go in again with Xcode and manually put in the title. Anyone know what’s up with that?

One thing I would recommend is to only preload the first images in your Hype document to speed up the initial load.

For your arrows that show more content, I would use a ‘linear’ easing transition for the right to left movement so it doesn’t speed up at the end of the movement.

That’s weird. Are you selecting File > Export as HTML5 > Folder to export? Or are you embedding your document into something else?

That’s probably what the issue was, but what are you needing to change in Xcode? (BTW, you might like Whisk more!)

Vertical scrolling doesn’t work. Works only, if I start by touching the first video. As soon as I pause scrolling I can’t resume. iPhone 11 Pro/ Safari.