HTML Dropdown on mobile

Hi all! This is about a HTML Dropdown in the mobile Version of an interactive Worldmap. Works fine for me on iPhone and Mac. Since I can't test it myself... I would be very interested to see how it looks on an Android phone or a Windows computer/Internet Explorer.

Thanks in advance, Kalle.

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Can’t test on android but you will be pleased to know that Mobile Safari (iPad )does a good job of translating. Even the pop ups which surprised me.

You can test Android. That's where this video comes from… Wrapping – Export Hype HTML to an App 🎁 - #60 by Photics …you should be able to test your Hype project with Android Studio…

…and with Windows, there's VirtualBox… …but you'd need the Windows operating system. I'm not sure if it will run Windows on Apple Silicon though.

I think there are websites / software specifically for testing cross platform too.

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I've gotten to just using UTM, which even has a one-click gallery to download and install images:

(Windows can run fine without a license, they just block off certain customization features which aren't required anyways for browser testing)

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Android, mostly the same for builtin Browser, Chrome anf ff
... Takes the whole Screen :smile:

It's quite a long list… :joy:

Looks better on iOS …


Here are a bunch of approaches on styling native selects or building custom ones:


That looks great. Thanks, Max!