HTML code on website - Setting up an Audio Player

I just have the trial for hype, I wanted to use it to make a nice audio player for my website. I sell music and wanted to have a nice audio preview so customers can preview. I saw a nice example here

My question is since it will be on a website, it would not be full screen like this, it would be on a page that users have to scroll down to see the top and bottom of the window, how will it work and what are my options. I don’t know what it will actually look like on a website. I’m looking to buy this program but I don’t know if it will suite my needs

Layout and animation should be fine. Per default hype offers audio play and pause. for further control and visualisation you’ll rely on scripting it yourself …

Here's a post that should help you see what it takes to get an audio player setup in Hype: Controlling Audio & Advanced Techniques (AutoPlay, Play, Pause, Rewind, Volume control)

Many people use players like Soundcloud and embed it as an HTML widget. I made a quick site for a friend's birthday and embedded one in a Hype document here: -- but I totally encourage you to make a customized player you're happy with too!

I would start with a 'medium' preset scene size and see how that suits you:


Take a look at other sites folks have shared in the animation gallery to come up with a format and layout that works for what you're trying to convey.

I currently use SoundCloud but I want something else. I found a decent way to get the Audio to play and stop after a selection to a next song, but now I’m trying to see how it would look on a website. Whether it would be full screen or not. Plus I’m still learning this program.

Also would this code work on any website that’s works with HTML including google Blogger or Shopify which is a e-commerce website. Also for the audio files, where are they hosted or are they somehow included in a file that the HTML code reads from.