TL;DR: I want to make an HTML app with downloadable files to load onto usb sticks- can Hype do that well and cleanly?

Hey everyone, I'm working on a non-conventional (to me, at least) project for my band. We had custom made 3D usb sticks made of our voodoo doll mascot (they came out pretty great), and we're wanting to create an HTML app to load on them that would contain all of our albums, videos, and some other items so we could sell this as a complete works merch option. Looking at using an HTML app so it would perform across Mac + Windows, and provide a better experience than just a folder full of files.

Playing around with Hype, it seems like this should be able to accomplish what I want, but I'm getting stuck with making the albums/audio files downloadable. This would be a must, so fans won't have to go digging through a resource folder. I've tried using the java script function I found in this forum
{"${Test1.hyperesources}/", "_blank");

but I'm only getting an error window, and the html "download" function

a href="" download

would only prompt a download of an empty file. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

If anyone thinks an HTML app is not the best approach for this concept, please let me know.

Thanks a ton in advance.

I think this is a great idea!

regarding the download link:

The only thing you would change is using this syntax:"${resourcesFolderName}/", "_blank");

The ${resourcesFolderName} variable is replaced at runtime with the correct folder. (I think you were looking at this post?)

Let us know if you hit any other snags.

That worked! Thanks so much. I'm glad it was just a dumb misunderstanding on my part.