Howto: Get Hype output into a Fixed-Layout EPUB on an iPad

I think what’s puzzling me is that the ID showing after e does match the ID that appears above the script lines so it would appear that there is nothing to alter there. I’ll have another look today.
My head’s spinning with this!

It’s possible you’re not editing the page that InDesign has exported, but the .html file that Hype exported. That Hype-output HTML will never be seen, and you need to edit the one that InDesign made. It should look something like this, where the highlighted code becomes the value you put in the “e” in the script:

OK, I’m conducting a one page test now and will report back.

Well, that didn’t work. I made a one page test containing my Hype animation in InDesign and exported to EPUB. I was able to see the div id and change as instructed but it doesn’t show in iBooks. Could I send you the small file to look at please?


Go ahead and post a link here.

Link to file

I have just constructed a simple hype box animation and exported to EPUB and it works on the iPad - hooray!
So I will now attempt to recreate that using the file I sent you.

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Two things there. The quote marks in the HTML line in the Untitled-1-1.xhtml file need to be regular straight quotes, and sometimes various apps turn them into curly ones that don’t work. This should be correct.

<html xmlns="" xmlns:epub="">

But I think the problem here is that you’ve used text. If you use any text elements at all, it doesn’t work. This is noted in the guide, and though I’m not sure of the reason why, I hadn’t realised that changing the “e” in the script caused the animation to fail even without embedding it. So…

Question for Hype devs: if text is included in a Hype project, the animation fails (wont run, white screen) if the script’s “e” parameter is changed — even when trying to run it in Safari. As we need to change the “e” parameter to embed in InDesign, we have a problem. Is it possible to track down why it fails, and work around it so we can use text when embedding into InDesign?

I’m nervous now about whether this project will work when using inDesign and the above “work-around” - do I need to rebuild in iBooks Author?

Sorry I hadn’t replied to this post; I missed this last one. It’s probably going to be a bit tricky to be sure of something that complex working via InDesign. iBooks Author is probably a good way to go.

Hi Iain - I have decided to go the app route, all my old prejudices about ebooks remain - they really aren’t up to this type of content.


It’s a real shame that Google hasn’t bothered to build a decent EPUB reader into Android tablets, and that Adobe hasn’t managed to support decent EPUB FXL on iPads — even going backwards in their support for digital publishing suite. The apathy has strangled the market for any design-heavy electronic books, which is bad news for all of us.

Couldn’t agree more.

Hi, i’m working in this issue too, but this howto doesn’t seems to work for me, is there any other guide updated? I just made a 1 page test, to not get confused with the names and ids but it can’t be helped. Can you look my code please and tell me if theres something missing (i already done this howto a few times).

Thaks, i’m really lost :C


Just really briefly, I think there might be an issue with accents and special characters in file names, I could be wrong, but it might be worth recreating those files without any accents (e.g. NOT “animación”, use “animacion” instead). That could be the issue — it looked like you were doing the right things though.

Afraid I’m a bit snowed under with other work at the moment but I do have some Hype work coming up over the next few days and I’ll check my guide to see if it needs updating.


Thanks for your quick answer, ill try a remake without accents and post it here.

It worked!! I’m really thnkfull for your suggestion!
But now the images doesen’t displays in the right size, do you know where to modify this?
Thank you a lot for the help.

I haven’t seen images being the wrong size before — I’m using images at a non-standard size in my animations. Sorry.

No worries, you’ve help me a lot, i’m gonna open a thread with this issue. Thanks!