How to target a Class inside symbol with JS?

Hi I know this is a relatively easy task but cant work out the correct code. Can anyone help?? Here is my current code snippet. I am trying to target the feedback Class inside the correctAnsModal symbol. The only possible problematic part to the function is that the symbol is inside a different timeline which plays before this code fires.

Should I be targeting the timeline first then the Class then the child symbol?

Thanks in advance, Stephen.

	var scroeTextContainer  =  hypeDocument.getSymbolInstanceById('correctAnsModal');
	var scroeText  = scroeTextContainer.getElementsByClassName('feedbackText');
	scroeText.innerHTML = quizScore + ' out of ' + totalQuestionsVar + ' correct ';

You can use this function to target a class within a symbol.

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cheers @Daniel appreciate the help. Stephen