How to stop element?

Hi! I can not understand how to stop element for a two seconds.
For example, i need move ellipse from left to right (0-1 sec), stop moving and through 2 seconds i need it back (3-4 sec). How to make pause for this element only (not for all timeline)?

If i mark moving back from third second on timeline it s just back slowly and not stay on spot.

Can you show example, please?
Thank you.

P.S. Sorry for my english.

Ok. I can reformulate my question: Hom to break timeline for one element?

Hi @papacarlos

You must add a keyframe (red box) with the same properties (highlighted by arrows) at 1 sec and 3 secs which will create a gap in the timeline and then you can add another at 4 secs and change the left position back.

Step by step:

  1. press record
  2. move timeline play head to 1 sec. Move the ellipse to another position.
  3. move play head to 3 secs. push keyframe + button (red box)
  4. move play head to 4 secs. Move the ellipse to the beginning position or another position.

Thank you very much!

It does not look userfriendly, i think… but no choice.