How to stop a youtube video, switching to another scene?

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Hi Hype Team, and best wishes !

Yes how can I stop a youtube video, switching to another scene ?

Also it could be nice to have a script to say StopAllSounds, or StopAllVideo in the inspector…



How to display a youtube video after stopping

Hi Pascal (@rapefromage)

Quick search here should find your answers.

It’s not quite clear what you mean though. Do you want to?

a. stop a video and then go to another scene or
b. wait till the video has finished and then go to another scene

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maybe here you can find further details, it works

code by @rene

var i
var vElements = document.getElementsByClassName("video")
for (i = 0; i < vElements.length; i++) {vElements[i]. innerHTML = '';} 

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My question was more a c. choice.

I have 9 videos on youtube, but when I put 9 html widgets with iframe inside, it takes to much time to load.

So my idea was to prepare a first scene with the 9 pictures only and 9 scenes with the videos.

Exemple :
-the scene 1 contain the video 1 and the other 8 pictures…
-the scene 2 contain the video 2 and the other 8 pictures…

All the video are on autoload mode, but when you leave a scene to see another video (yes switching), I would like to stop it.

First Hype was done to make things without code, isn’t it ?

Thank you for your answers,


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setting the innerHTML of the videocontainer to ‘’ is the easiest way to go … so take it :slight_smile:

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You mean this code on unload scene ?

var emptyInnerHTML = ‘’;
hypeDocument.getElementById(“video1”).innerHTML = emptyInnerHTML

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It works !
Thank you my friends


where do I put this code ? in the header ? do attribute video class to every videos in the web site ?
I have vimeo and Youtube video included.
Thank you all !