How to share a screen capture to social media as an image?

I want to develop a counter with a nice UI design where the user types a number. Then a user can share that to Facebook as an image? Anyone can help me with that?

To what level and what specific parts do you want help with?

Do you have an example of something similar or mockups?

Ultimately if you wanted to do this client side, you'd need to use some solution that can convert an HTML DOM into an image. This is typically done with code that renders an approximation into a <canvas> tag and then uses canvas APIs to get images. I haven't used it, but this looks like a project that might help:

There is also a solution that would put you in charge of hosting the image. It would grab a screenshot server side based on parameters, and you would save it and return a URL for sharing. You should probably create some sort of session key-based filename in that case, though.

If you just want to create a download @jonathan suggestion should be perfect for you and also check out the following link in that case:

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As Max mentioned you can easy get a screen grab from html canvas with html2canvas. Probably its possible to share that data object then to facebook. I had this done years ago but found that facebook sharing api changed.
Here is the grabbing part (386.0 KB)