How to scale the size of a screenshot using html2canvas?

Is there a way to force a full page (or just a part of it) to keep it always zooming out to a specific scale?

I have found this Creating a Flexible Tumult Hype Document within a DIV with no set 'height' on the forum but I did not figure out how to apply for my needs.

Can somebody share a workaround on this?

Thank you.

@ionutilie the script in the mentioned thread does not do a scale at all ... it's got another purpose: setting a height


to topic: you may provide an example ...

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Thank you, @h_classen!
I understand that the sample was for height only.


My project:
I want to create a screenshot that is higher than 2500 pixels.
But as I create an area with over 2500 px, it will be too big on the screen and hard to see the entire picture / size.
So my idea was that if I zoom out the page, I see the full content, but I can save the screenshot at a higher size.

I have created a file with 1024x728 px as a proof of concept, but as I said, I need a size that is bigger than 2500 px. (59.9 KB)

And this is a video with the idea:

Thank you!

Just a thought: It looks like you are using html2canvas; does that have any options to control the canvas/screenshot size? It is basically re-rendering everything into a canvas so I imagine that you should be able to set that independent of the source content.

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Thank you @jonathan!
The file was created using some samples from the forum. I have visited the html2canvas documentation but I have no knowledge to understand how to use it or if it contains what I need.
This is why I was looking for a workaround using the zoom out of the page.
Thank you.

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Have you tried using this:

Example Download: (74,0 KB)

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Thank you @MaxZieb.
As I change the value of the scale in your sample there is no change.
Can you give more details on how to implement it?
I have no JavaScript knowledge to implement it by myself but I am able to change and adapt a functional file.
Thank you!

I updated the example. Now, it works.


Amazing! Thank you @MaxZieb! :partying_face:
It is perfect!