How to rotate background image of a vector shape ? (no animation required)


I drew very simple vector shape of elliptic pebbles. Then I set their background image with an image of a pebble.

How could I set a rotation to images so that it would stand in the same orientation as each pebble ?

CSS? Hype rotate cursor somewhere ?

I tried to rotate the vector shape, but then background image rotates too. Should I first draw the vector shape in the same orientation as the image of the pebble then rotate both with Hype cursor?

I saw solution using pseudo-class :before including the URL of the image but that is not very straight forward.

Please note that I am not trying to animate those elements.

Thank you,

or use @MaxZieb 's Hype Clip Path (for the Vector-Tool) - #12 by MaxZieb

should be easier :slight_smile:


Thank you Hans-Gerd.
Does MaxZieb extension needs the Pro version of Hype ?

yes, at least you need to set data-attributes. so you should be able to use without PRO, but it's easier and with preview