How to reveal ad on scroll?

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Attention to how the Subaru Forester ad reveals when scrolling down.

Im not sure how to accomplish this effect.

I found this, but unsure if it’ll do.

The container is fixed with a negative z-index. The ad slot on the other hand is a “hole” in the size of the ad in the regular content meaning it has no background property like color or image. That’s it. You can manually create this (for a client) or you have an ad network that actually sells the setups as ad spot and the they just place the ad in these circumstances.

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Ive used their platform to create this ad and your accurate as far as the delivery of the ad being added by the publisher? Im looking for an alternative for our affiliate advertisers who do just that, copy the HTML code. I’d use adventives ad builder but they got an absurd CPM model attached to the ads and while it works for them it doesn’t work for me. I guess the only thing I can do is learn from what they do. Let’s see, Im Inspecting the code now. Update: No need for a hype recreation I can recreate this.

@MaxZieb Upon a closer look:
It looks its more than the Z-Index there’s a Js library that controls this is
and drilling more into the code there’s an Iframe that has javascript inline? Im not sure why that is though guessing it may just interact with the vissense.js for the customization of that site?

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To recreate this you don’t need more then I said … but they add more complexity. Probably the iFrame is for placement (ad slot) and the JS is used for determining visibility. This is added to save resources and cpu when the ad is off screen. I am on the road on holiday so no inspection of code possible.


Another thing it isn’t done in Hype. Hype would only be creating the ad. Positioning and offering the ad slot is the job of the webpage or ad publisher.

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Yep precisely the point. I needed to do research ahead of time, but now that the research Is done, Ive just got a confirmation from company developer for the recreation of this revealer project for our affiliates. Hype div, image, iframe depending what Is relevant - will be injected into the revealer eventually. Good Point!