How to remove play icon/button in iOS low power mode


(Harry Klein) #1

Hello I am trying to get rid of the play icon that appears on a video when viewing on a iPhone in low power mode.
I would like to have a clean fallback image instead. (695.4 KB)


You could detect if it’s actually playing when it should be, and if it’s not, then swap in an Animated GIF instead.

(PixelArt) #3

I’ve tried it on several Apple & Android devices and you can not see the controls on iPad or iPhone or Android, check it here on server.

Try to be a little more specific to see if I can help you.

(Harry Klein) #4

You have to turn Low Power Mode “ON” on your iPhone to see the problem. Then you will see the controls on the video.

(Mark Hunte) #5

This is an iOS button. You will have no control over it but @Daniel 's idea does work

See this example.

test (697.0 KB)

(PixelArt) #6

Unfortunately, Hype does not have IOS control on the phone. I think the best solution is what Daniel recommends and the example of MarkHunte is a practical application.

(Harry Klein) #7

Hi and thank you all for trying to help me out.
I found this link:
but I haven’t been able to get this to work with my Hype video.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #8

That’s an interesting link - basically it is a hack using internal implementation details to hide the play button. Unfortunately even the last comment on the solution seems to indicate it does not work with iOS 11.