How to pinch or zoom anywhere in the document?

Digital publications, packaged as native applications (Build Phonegap), (1.3 MB) Please help! I am locked here!

Uploading:… This is the aplication ANDROID

This might help?

Make sure your ‘maximum scale’ value is not limited. If you can share your actual document that you used to export with, that would also be helpful. (1.0 MB) This is document

What option do I have?, I am not very expert using codes, Thanks!!

It looks like you have a Hammer.js function which is attempting to handle the ‘pinch’ gesture but you don’t have any Hammer JS referenced. On the Hype side, you have swipe gestures which appear to be interfering with.

At this time you’ll need to either use the swipe up gesture or allow the pinch to zoom gesture.