How to organise assets with folders in Hype?

How do I put my timeline assets in a simple folder? I just want to organise them better and grouping them doesn’t help. When I group different timeline assets, they lose their properties. If there isn’t a way to put them in a folder, how do you organise them without grouping.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve not had this experience, if I understand You correctly.

Attached is a Hype file with two sets of identical elements (original elements duplicated). One set was then grouped. The elements (assets?) in the grouped set still have the same properties as the ungrouped elements. I have moved these sets to different locations on the stage so their animation is visible separately.

Hype Project: (22.0 KB) - Demo here.

I’m definitely having problems with grouping elements. My project is very simple. I have 6 icons which act as buttons and if you click one icon then a rectangle appears with some text. So when I group all the icons, rectangles and text boxes together all of a sudden buttons stop working.

An example of your project would be very helpful… at this point it’s guesswork.

Here you are. Preview the project first to see how it works. Only three first icons work as the project was too big to upload. When I try to group the text layers, background images, and rectangles together all of a sudden the icons stop working. Learning (2.9 MB)

The problem is the new Groups will be above the other elements and covering them. So in effect layered above everything else and intercepting the mouse events.

Simply select the Group and in the Action inspector check: ignore all pointer events.

Note you will need to re centre you elements in the groups as they may appear to high.

Learning (2.7 MB)


Thanks a lot!