How to not let Hype auto save?

I found it will automatically save a lot of time on the file, how do i delete them? Or directly stop it automatically to survive these files?

As an addition to this: I’ve noticed that discarding unsaved changes has no use and I think this is connected to this issue.

So let’s say:

  • I open a document
  • I save the document (clean, no additions to the default document)
  • I add a piece of text
  • I quit the Hype and don’t save
  • I reopen the document
  • the piece of text is still there

Please see: Quick Question on Auto Saving

Autosaving is a system-level feature that Hype takes advantage of. It ensures that you don’t lose work in the event of an improper shutdown.

Once you save a file once, it will autosave automatically. [quote=“oneuppedgames, post:2, topic:10163”]
So let’s say:- I open a document- I save the document (clean, no additions to the default document)- I add a piece of text - I quit the Hype and don’t save- I reopen the document- the piece of text is still there

This is expected. Hitting ‘Save’ creates a version at that moment, but saves occur automatically unless you adjust your settings explained here.

Just an addition here. I am currently experiencing another separate technical issue (the guys are well aware :slight_smile: ) which means I have to quit and re-open and if it wasn’t for the “autosave” feature I would have many projects lost and having to start all over again so, in my opinion, it’s a good thing. :slight_smile:


I did not know this was an OS-setting. Thanks!

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There’s a way to change this on a per-app basis too. You can disable it in Hype via this command:

defaults write com.tumult.Hype2 ApplePersistence -bool no

Note that we don’t support this change, and along with autosave it also disabled versions for backup.

From what I can tell, Apple no longer seems to support this in macOS 10.14 Mojave.

It would be great if I could somehow delete this via the Hype App

Unfortunately that data is basically owned by macOS; I don't think there's any facility for us to know whether or not the files there are legitimate (unsaved documents) or somehow got incorrectly orphaned. I've added a todo item to look into this further though; it is never fun when 9 GB of space is being used up in a hidden manner.

This is a problem that could occur with a lot of different apps; there might be good 3rd party solutions for being able to more easily see/clear the data.

Thank for looking in to it @jonathan

Yes it sure is.., I have around 50gb of "Other" on my iMac. Maybe a macOS update could fix this for us, with better sorting/better info in the "Storage" tab what Other really are.


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