How to merge hype documents

trying to get a Hype document containing a working email form into a website Hype document. The form points to a separate .php document.
Copy and pasting the form does not do it, it looses the functionality.
Rebuilding this does not work.
The email form pasted and recreated does not send an email, where the original it was pasted from does.
Any ideas, tipps?

Hypefile within Hypefile it is the best to use an iFrame

I would like to get it into one hype document already.

It sounds like you're trying to add HTML into a Hype document (that was in another), rather than merge two Hype documents?

If so, it could be a number of reasons such as not bringing over necessary resources from the other document's resource library, or using a HTML Widget (iframe) instead of a Rectangle (div) or vice versa depending on the needs.

Probably the best way to help is to post your two .hype documents and the current steps that you are using.

I have two hype documents. One was just for testing an email sending form (posted here somewhere). Now that this is working I want to integrate it into my main hype document (for the website Imam working on) Copying, pasting, rebuilding does not seem to work.

It would be hard to know what might have gone awry without the document and actual steps; there's fundamentally no reason for it to break especially if it sounds like it is more of an InnerHTML transfer.

Do note that actions may not all transfer if they target scene or document specific items (like a Start Timeline… or Run JavaScript… action).

thats what I meant. The „run javascript“ does not get copied over and has to be selected again, as well as the script itself. Copy and paste from the builtin editor. But that doesnt do it. why cant all the resources including these javascripts just be dragged and dropped across opened hype-documents? Or single pages? Like in Keynote...
Just an idea..

A trick you could try.

Select the element, Right Click it and use the contextual Menu: > Convert to Symbol.

Then on the new symbol, contextual Menu: > Copy.

Go to your other doc and paste the Symbol.

In most cases this will bring over any Hype Functions that are used by the element via an action.
The actions should also be correct.

Now go into the symbol, select the element and contextual Menu: > Cut.

Close the Symbol.

Then Paste the element.

Delete the empty Symbol.

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There are reasons, but none of them are that great -- this is on our radar to address! :slight_smile:.


Adding functionalities to the Resource Library has been a popular Feature Request on this forum, e.g.

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