How to make sprite sheet file to be smaller?


I import a small gif image by Sprite Sheet, and the original gif file is 1.9 MB after minification and optimization by Imageoptim, but it will be 24.5 MB with Sprite sheet format, and it is really too big especially for mobile mode.

Is there any way to make the site to be a smaller one, please?

Please check the gif file below:



optimize the file that’s the result of hypes spritesheetfeature. this’ll save up about 80% i guess …
so you’ll end up with 4-5 mb.

to go further than this use a tool like before importing and change the colors, compression, framerate, cropping, dimensions and so on …

disable optimizing on output within hype …

Thanks and I found there is another way to minify the sprite sheet after the gif file was imported, please check the screenshot, and the size will be set much smaller too:


i’d say, that’s what i recommend :ghost:

Thanks so much.:grinning:

but I do not understand this:

it will enlarge the file size please?

just a guess … but you’ll find out :slight_smile:

Thanks, and from my understanding optimizing should be helpful to minify the images, and I will check.

Thanks again.