How to make sidebar element that follows user as they scroll

Hi, I’m making a website for an assignment and I want to create a sidebar that follows users as they scroll down (essentially it doesn’t move but the rest of the page does).

This is an example.
(click on the ‘more’ button on LHS of webpage to see what I’m talking about)


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Here is one solution to your question:
Hype Demo Project: (25.0 KB)

Live Demo here.

The key aspect in this Demo is the CSS scripting found in the “Head HTML”. The class(es) for each Element/Group is set in the “Identity Inspector”.

    .fixed {
       position: fixed !important;
    .fullHeight {
       height: 100vh !important;
    .sideBarHeight {
       min-height: 700px !important;
    .screen-bottom {
       bottom: 50px;

The rest is just a matter of grouping the proper elements together and creating the "Flexible Layout" settings (found in the "Metrics Inspector") for each Element or Group as needed.

Side Note: I skimmed the article You linked to - I look forward to reading it in full - looks interesting!


Thank you! It worked perfectly :slight_smile: