How to make content of embedded oam searchable in Wordpress?

Hi, I exported an animation containing text and images as an oam and embedded it on my wordpress site. It works as expected, but… the contents do not show up in the search results (I use the relevanssi and ivory search plugins on my site). How do make the contents of my animations findable?

I use .oam on my wordpress site but I usually create a title, a wordpress title whatever/whenever I search for to the title of the page or heading is what should come up with oam content embedded.

Thanks Pete! However, finding the title is not enough for me… I need the actual content of the .oam to be searchable, the .oam is a scientific article on the history of the EEG containing lots of names and keywords.
here’s the page with the .oam: …inside the oam is for instance the name “Loomis”.

The .oam is apparently not indexed, or indexable (click the search icon on the top right of the webpage to test that).

You have a couple options: you could include the text contents of the OAM inside of your Wordpress post (if you put it between <!-- text here --> then it won’t appear to anything but machines or the indexer).

Or you could put the text within a custom field and tell relevanssi to index those:

The issue is that the OAM is embedding external Javascript so you need to get some of that text content within the Wordpress universe: either within ‘post’ content or a custom field.

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Hi Daniel, thank you! Sounds viable, will test your solution tomorrow.

I went with the ‘search custom fields’ solution and it works great. Thanks!

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