How to make a text heavy page to showcase legal terms?

I need to create some text only pages to showcase some terms of use of a new product and it should look similar to this:

Any thoughts on how to achieve the same result? I’ve tried a couple of methods but with no success yet :frowning:

When I try responsive text I end up with a blank space in the end of my document depending on the browser width…

help please! :sweat:

Have a look at responsive layouts

Thanks Mark, but it doesn’t solve my problem… If you take a look on the link I sent, the text adjusts on the screen every time I change the browser width.

Ok, I have trouble looking at the small print at the best of times…:grin:

This seems like the kind of page that should be built with regular HTML, since it does not really benefit from any of Hype’s animation or timeline features, and you get ‘responsive’ text without any special treatment.

Got it. It’s a pity though that I don’t know how to do that :pensive: I’m gonna try to find a solution :pray:Thanks!

Daniel, how can I insert a HTML page into my hype document?

Or to be fancier, how can I insert a HTML page and also have top navigation buttons?


Thanks mate! But I guess I wasn’t clear. I need something like this:

I have my text exported as a HTML page, but have no idea on how to integrate it to my hype document. I also need the top menu as you can see on Tinder’s page.

Haven’t found any definitive solution yet. I’m a newbie at code so I’ve been searching for temporary options… I have 3 layouts for each text page and it’s been tough to keep managing them all :pensive:

If you want your Hype bar at the top and an HTML doc below that scrolling under it, the direction you may want to look is using CSS. By putting your Hype top in 1 Div and the rest in another other and with some z-index ‘magic’ and positioning tags in your CSS that could be a way to achieve this.

If I understood you right. :slight_smile:

Hi Gabriel!

I gave it a go:
You will need to create (new) breakpoint layouts for small width browser windows~devices - just as Snapchat does in your first example.

Why You are doing this in Hype is still not elucidated - as @Daniel suggested a regular HTML page would be more serviceable for what You’ve offered so far as examples. The only glimmer is that You want to create navigation buttons - which You can create in other “regular” HTML programs.

Project: (136.6 KB)