How to make a scene overflow across the another one

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I am trying to custom a menu for our site, and I want it is a individual hype document, so that it could be flexible to change or maintain.

Here is what I did:

1.Create mens with both PC and mobile layout:

2.Put the menu shortcode into a page:

The problem is that the drop down content will display only if the layout is set to enough Height like 570px.

Expect behavior:

the dropdown content will be triggered to display even the scene is set to 85px.

Anyway to do it please? Here is my document. (26.5 KB)



(Alex) #2

Alternatively, it would be great if Hype support record the height change, I mean here:

(Loves Hype) #3

Try using this extension from the extension project:

(Loves Hype) #4

Also set the position via CSS if you want to have it overlay or be sticky.

(Alex) #5


Great thanks, that is too complicated for me.

it is hard to add animations to these scenes.
Also, the more Javascript will cause slow down website.

I tried to do it by my way:

make two scene, the contract one scene:

and second one expand:

and add animation to is the result (1.7 MB)

or you may check it on my site on mobile

it is not a perfect solution since the menu content is not overflowed across other scene, so, I am still looking a simple way.