How To Integrate PHP into Tumult Hype

I have just created a series of 5 short tutorials demonstrating how to integrate a server side High Score Table into a Tumult Hype Project.

YouTube Playlist

A couple of notes.

  • This series assumes the viewer is familiar with integrating Javascript into Tumult Hype. No extensive knowledge of PHP is required, although it certainly won’t hurt.

  • You will need to setup XAMPP locally to test this out, which is covered in the first video.

  • Once everything is working within a local environment, you will need to upload all of the files to a web server running Apache. Unfortunately, using as your hosting solution will not work, since dropbox does not run Apache.

Would love any feedback, as well as see any examples where users integrated this technique into any Tumult Hype projects.


Really well done. Nice and clear.

One suggestion would be to show how to use all Hypes HTML rather than write out the html.
This would mean that all design is done in Hype Scenes but the scenes elements are updated ( Scores) after reading the .txt file and PHP calculations are done.

We have some examples on the site like this with PHP but not videos like this.


Could you throw a link leading to these examples, please? :hamster:

Off the top of my head. Two of them…

Just search for PHP

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Thanks lots!