How to Import an image sequence in resources folder?

I need to import a folder with multiple images in the resources folder. My animation plays out an entire sequence of images which it picks from a folder. There are hundreds of images in that sequence folder which i need to import as a resource for that.

Can I import a folder with all its contents into the resources of hype? Or do I have to import the hundreds of images individually without the ability to organize them in a folder?

You cannot import a folder and it’s contents with the result being an organised folder in Hype which is also exported as such. You cannot even drag N drop folders to Hype, it will not accept them.

( I wish you could )

If you images are being picked up by Javascript, you could point all your paths to something like

var image = "./images/image1.png"

Which will point to a directory named images which sits in the same directory as your resources Folder.

Or you could use:

var image = "${resourcesFolderName}/images/image1.png"

And the copy the images folder to the resources folder after you export.

Thanks Mark. But the problem is in the testing phase and not after export… While I am still in the testing phase do I have to export the project to test it? I was hoping I could just click the chrome preview button after making changes to chrome. The resources folder does not exist at that stage where I can copy my folder… or does it?

You may be able to test by having the links point to an absolute path i.e “file://…”

But you will probably hit a local/cross domain violation.
i.e : Not allowed to load local resource:

You can temporary turn off the warnings in chrome using something like :

/Applications/Google Chrome" --allow-file-access-from-files

But I cannot test that as I am on and old Machine at the mo.

Safari has two menu items for this under the Developer menu…