How to implement multiple DoubleClick DCM exits using the export script?

I have the latest DoubleClick DCM export script installed and I’m trying to incorporate multiple clickTag exits in my banner ad but unable to figure out how to increment the variable so that I can click out to different urls. I’ve scoured the forum but surprisingly can’t find a solution to this.

For example:


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Unfortunately the DCM export script doesn’t support multiple exits at this time, but it is on our list to improve.

The best workaround right now is to add clickTag code to your Head HTML like this:

	var clickTag1 = "";
	var clickTag2 = "";

And then use the Run JavaScript action on Mouse Click to call code like:, "_blank");

I would guess it could be compatible with the export script if you still use the clickTag as provided by the script and the clickTag1 and clickTag2 would be supplemental, but I haven’t tried that.