How to go to frame 1 of previous scene?

Using "Jump to Scene" / Previous (or name of the previous scene) takes me to the last frame of the previous scene video. I tried having the previous scene "on load" go to frame 00:00:00, but that didn't help.
What can I do to get to frame one of the previous scene with one click in scene two?

any action in a scene has to be done onsceneload (video may also work in 'preparefodisplay'):

var yourVideo = hypeDocument.getElementById('yourVideoId');
yourVideo.currentTime = 0;

As a newbie who has only being using the program for a few days, I appreciate your prompt reply very much! My first attempt to implement your solution didn't work, so I'll have to see what's going on tomorrow.

you're welcome :slight_smile:

often the best approach is to post a simplified hypedoc the shows an issue ...

A video should generally go back to its starting point when returning to a scene. Like @h_classen mentioned, posting a zip of your .hype document would be great to see your setup and know how you are embedding the video or otherwise setting it up.

Using this code did the trick:
//get the id of the video
var mediaElement = document.getElementById("video2");

// go to beginning:
mediaElement.currentTime = 0;

Thanks for the help!

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