How to get website banner to endlessly stretch across screen?

#1 is my site right now. I have a black banner on the top of the page. I’d like that black banner to endlessly stretch from the left to the right, forever. I don’t know how to do that. It seems like since i have to set a determined width and length for each Scene, it’s forever stuck to being that specific length. And if someone’s browser is long enough, they’ll see the white background next to it. How can i get this border to go on forever to the left and right of the browser?


@bradywurtz, go to Metrics>Flexible Layout, and use pins and sizing accordingly…


Awesome! Thanks! Never knew how to use that flexible layout thing. Thanks a ton!

(Mark Hunte) #4

Nice looking site but are you not able to embed those videos into your site and keep people there rather than redirect. It would make for a much nicer experience.


I can, i’ve toyed with this for a while. I just have a free vimeo account, so if I embed videos to sites, it only plays back in standard definition. if they want to view it in HD they have to go to the vimeo page itself. I’d have to upgrade and pay for Vimeo Pro. I figured, most people on the site are coming to see their video again, so them leaving the page isn’t that big of an issue.

The one instance where I did embed a video was the front page with the demo. I wanted that embedded so i took the risk with it not being in HD while their on the page

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Good point :smile: