How to get a script ignore looping

Hey there

I have an issue. I am using a countdown timer in a banner. However I need the banner to loop so when the animations are over and when I tell the timeline to start again the script reloads witch causes the countdown timer to stop working.

Is there anyway to tell the script to ignore the loop and just keep on going?

I am attaching an example.

(I am also having trouble getting the timer to show 3 digits. The date is set to September. It should show 203 days, now it shows 20) (1.8 MB)

make a persistant symbol from the timergroup and it’ll run thru …

the days count is correct 204, but is not shown because overflow is hidden and there is not enough space. so rework the hypeelements, so that there is enough space to show three digits :slight_smile:


You are a life saver. Thank you so much!