How to force Hype Pro to display the first item of an animation…

… in a browser without waiting that everything gets loaded?
I put online an animation that weighs 3.5 Mb but it starts with an image that is 2.1 Mb that needs 3-4 seconds to apeear. I would like this image to be downloaded in priority and displayed while the browser downloads the rest of the assets.

This should help:

This will load the Hype content and the image (the preloader image) asynchronously, so if you can get a super optimized (progressive) JPG that would be your best bet.

For super mega optimized initial images, I would use this tool: (so images are tailored to the device, resolution, and screen size).

Now I understand why it was not clear.
It’s because the three options at the bottom of the Resources panel are… at the bottom and it’s like they are valid for all the resources but you should add columns near each image in the list of the Resources with the option Preload so we have a better overview.


Thanks for the feedback; I’ve added this idea to my notes about a resources library redesign.