How to find a file inside hype

Trying to remove an mp3 file from a project, but Hype can't remove it because it's being used. I can't find the file in order to remove it from the stage and it's pretty big-- about 10 Mb, so it makes for an overly large OAM file on export. Fortunately I was able to replace it with a tiny text file with the suffix .mp3. But there must be a better way.

Any help appreciated. Gotta say I like this forum-- it's easy to log in an ask questions and replies are pretty quick. Thanks to all who have helped me stumble around in my previous questions!

How was the file originally place in Hype?.

Inserted, using the Insert -->audio link

If you can send your .hype document to use we'd be happy to remove it: There might be some cases where the MP3 thinks it is being used but it is not.

This does I think reenforce the request for a search feature in hype for just such a case.

I feel if Hype knows its still being used, it should be able to tell us where!


Items stuck in the Resource Folder is a problem with Hype. I've seen it happen before. Although, not so much once I got more used to Hype… and I have a more aggressive way of handling this problem. I didn't mention it because it's not exactly for beginners. :smile: