How to extend the Score function to show a custom msg?

Hi to all JS-savvy users!

Working on a quiz here and using pre-made JS functions:
CorrectScore() and getScore(), they work fine.

My challenge is to extend the function so that it would show a custom message (in inner HTML I suppose?) on the GetScore page,
based on the quantity of the right answers.

Here screenshot of the GetScore page draft, clarifying what I mean.

Also I’ve attached a hype doc with three placeholder pages for future questions with CorrectScore function that counts the right answers and the final result GetScore page.

How would I do this?
Any advice / hints / links to resources with js snippets that can do this, are appreciated! (49.9 KB)

This could be improved big time but I don’t want to kill you ambitions with to much code so… simple solution as you asked for: (82,0 KB)

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Hallo and thank you @MaxZieb for your simple solution!
With my entry level knowledge of JS
I can easily modify the numbers in code you inserted.

You made me curious with your remark

and yes I’d like to accompany the ‘Evaluation of score’ you inserted
with some visuals. E.g. to start different symbol timelines
for different 'else if 'condition – got some useful JS code hints here: Controlling Symbols with Javascript
…but it would be great to get fireworks Fireworks? In every sense of the word
for the code part: else {evaluation = ‘Just incredible!’;}