How to edit easing effect


I know how to apply easing effect.
However, let’s say I apply the bouncing effect but I’d like to adjust the curve how to bouncing effect.
How do I open its property?


Not sure if this is Hype pro only but if you’ve got it you can do this via the timing functions window.


I guess maybe you are right because I've only got Hype 2.
I can't find this "timing functions window" you are referring too.

Thanks anyways!

You can provide me info of your Hype version or a screenshot of the interface of Hype?

If you have it, it will be in the timeline window at the bottom. In line with the "Properties" selector.

Yes. I found these easing effects I just can’t find the window to edit their curves,.

I’m afraid it’s a Pro feature


You can only select these effects in this version:

ease in
ease out
ease in out

Sorry, but you can not see the curve.

Hype Pro has more features.

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