How to download(pre download) next scenes in first scenes.?

I have hype project in which there are 25 scenes.It is taking lot of time to download all scenes in starting.
Is there any way in which we can download scenes before the scene comes.
Example : on scene 1 can I Pre-download scene 2.?
If there is any way I can do that please help me.


I too am involved in a project with a significant number of scenes. I have just begun to investigate this topic - no experiments yet. Below are (2) links to threads on this forum that might prove of value. The ability to preload other scenes from a particular scene would be a useful feature for Hype.

Even though the second thread's title references getting *element properties* from another scene for a current scene, the posts in this thread go over preloading a scene in order to achieve this. The quote below by the OP ( @vinay ) seems to be headed in the direction You are looking for (post 11 of 12):

You are right… this is what is happening with Hype.

I’ve meddled with some JavaScript code to make the scene change, but hiding the scene change in order to make HYPE populate the elements from a different scene… I’m not too proficient with JS and I was getting an error in the lines of… “error on call stack… too many calls” and my HYPE Document wasn’t running. (Hence the delayed response because of all this meddling with JS)

Today, I’ve managed to achieve this, after a bit of educating myself with some jQuery and JS…

nextScene = $(".HYPE_scene").filter(":visible");
This works now!

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