How to do such a test question?

There are three pages of test questions. Each page has four answers, corresponding to different values. For example, 1A=2; 1B=4; 1C=5; 1D=6. 2A=8; 2B=4; 2C=2; 2D=6. 3A=10; 3B=21; 3C=8; 3D=6. If the total score is less than 15 for the red page, more than 15 less than 25 for the blue page, more than 25 for the green page. (46.3 KB)

create a window.counter = 1; on buttonClick let it count ++;

goto scene redPage;

and so on…
there´s also an example from @Daniel:

Because I am a graphic designer, so JavaScript is not too understand.
Can you help me to make a simple hypeDEMO? Please!

i´m a graphic designer, too and had to learn coding by searching the internet.
today you can´t survive being only a graphic designer anymore.
if you´d like to code games or web, you need to learn coding, too.
so here in forum are a few guys, who are really good coders.
you can hire them.

anyway - here´s an example, what i meant.
from this example you can infer for your practise. (16,6 KB)


Beautifully Simple solution!!
Love it.

And you are right.
Design has changed. Much like Designers that needed to learn printing technology to stay employed in the past the new designer needs to understand the basics of coding at a minimum.


CodeAcademy is a great place to start.

Totally Free and a lot of fun you will be surprised how quickly you pick up the basics :slight_smile:


@nick i totally agree with you :smile_cat:

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Thank you so much for helping me! I am working hard to learn the code, and strive to become a designer of the code will be.


yes。 Now many companies require designers to be some code, I decided to study hard.