How to do a to-do-list style slide in hype?

Hi, it’s me again :blush:
I want to simulate a to-do-list style slide in hype (like what most todolist apps do), I have added a new timeline to generate the slide animation, in main timeline, I applied drag to control the slide timeline, but it didn’t work.

Thank you thank you for all the help

I think Symbols might be a better approach. That way, the swiping left–right could be used to control the timeline of the Symbol. Then multiple Symbols could be used for more to-do list items. JavaScript could be used to make the text more dynamic.

I’m not sure Hype is the right approach for this though. If you’re building an app, Swift / Xcode might be a more proper development environment.

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Hi thanks for the reply Michael,
I know nothing about ios coding, right now I am using hype3 to do interactive prototype for my school project.
I would try Symbol, thank you :smiley: